Take charge and earn a real high school diploma! With it, you create new choices and new opportunities for your future— like attending college, access to better jobs, and a more confident start toward your next level of success.

At our schools, you work at your own pace without the typical distractions in most schools. Best of all – IT’S FREE!! Our high school model is just four hours a day. You have the choice of enrolling in the morning, afternoon, or evening session, and you can enroll at any time during the school year or during the summer months. We also have graduation ceremonies in June and December.

Every student works according to their personalized academic plan and receives individual attention and assistance from our teachers. Courses are computer-based, which makes it easier for our students to focus and track their progress. By providing feedback immediately, our students become motivated to attend school every day and complete what they start.

Learn more about a Your Diploma Your Way program in your area. Begin by selecting one of the states listed above, then make a call or go visit a school near you. Our Enrollment Specialists will help you get started today!